The Magic of Consistency

Last year, I planned on; “reading two books per month, sharing with a friend life lessons, or better still, writing excerpts. Like many of us, I started too well; I read and gave feedback. Sadly, I fell out along the way, postponed giving feedback. Generally, I was never consistent, so I did not achieve my goal. Why am I sharing this? It is somewhat handy to be able to let go of failures. After all, we cannot achieve anything if we do not try it or are consistent.

While scrolling through my Instagram news feed, I came across Karungi Josephine’s post about “How to stick to new habits” In summary, if we desire to keep on track, we need to start super easy. When we push ourselves so hard, we require the most motivation to keep going. Rather than learning several things, we can take one-step at a time. This way, one habit settles in before moving on to the next new habit.

I have decided to redefine consistency through an illustration. Think about people walking on open grass and forming a pathway. At first, there is no path, when more people walk on the same section repeatedly….a road emerges. When we decide to adopt or learn a new habit or lifestyle, our brain forms a new neural pathway. The more we stick to this new habit or lifestyle, the more the brain retains and learns. When we do not run through it daily, the pathway becomes idle. The brain ultimately disengages it.

Consistency is everything. Consistency and accountability improve our learning and growth.


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